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Poster: skybandit Date: Sep 26, 2009 4:02am
Forum: classic_tv Subject: Re: Stupid, Stupid, STUPID!

The Daily Show and Adult Swim. That's it for me.
I've a still-growing stack of 60+ home-made DVD's, a mixture of IA material and MST3K I get from YouTube. That's 95% of what comes out of my TV.
Movies are just as bad. Sci-Fi? Flash, Bang, Boom...just an excuse to get to the next CGI shot. Humor? Fart jokes. Romance? Some pussy-whipped guy that finally whines his way into some supermodel's pants. Horror? Overbearing heavy-metal and CGI gore. Mystery? Suitable for Scooby-Do, not intelligent adults.
All great entertainment comes from a leader with a vision: Orson Welles and Gene Roddenberry come to mind. Although a creative team can accomplish wonders, they need guidance. Committees make crap. Politically correct, socially aware committees make EVIL crap.
Thus endeth the sermon.

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